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Stay Smart Online Week


Cybercrime threatens all of us.

Australia has a problem. Over 6 million adults in Australia experienced cybercrime in 2017. That’s one in four people. It’s a billion-dollar problem that impacts business and individuals – and it’s getting worse. For Stay Smart Online Week 2018, Icon Agency created ‘Reverse the Threat’, a creative PR campaign based around a single, powerful insight: if we are to fight back against the cybercriminals, we need to do it together.

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Stay Smart Online Week

Despite digital devices being a central part of modern-day life, there are enormous gaps in public knowledge when it comes to safe and smart online behaviours. Every October, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) promotes Stay Smart Online Week to help support the Federal Government’s national cyber security strategy.

The week provides an opportunity for government to work with industry, small business operators and community groups to raise awareness about the ways people can protect themselves online.

UPDATE: Icon's Stay Smart Online Week campaign has won a coveted 2019 Gold Standard Award for best Media Engagement.

Reverse the Threat - Stay Smart Online Week 2018

Draw attention to cyber security

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) appointed Icon Agency to create a PR campaign for Australia’s biggest national annual awareness-raising activity – Stay Smart Online Week 2018.

Our specific task: encourage Australians to take a few simple steps to improve their cyber security and grow the campaign reach from 3.2 million to 10 million without any above-the-line spend. A big challenge – we were up for it.

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Going black and white for cyber security

For Stay Smart Online Week 2018, Icon launched a new initiative to bring cybercrime out of the shadows and put cyber security in the national spotlight: Reverse the Threat.

This saw many of Australia’s biggest corporate and government agencies join together in a symbolic show of solidarity to ‘Reverse the Threat’ of cybercrime by reversing their colours across websites and social channels, to black and white for the week.

Brands including ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Netflix, Australia Post, Facebook and Google hosted events and shared a range of creative content designed to encourage the public to take practical steps to protect themselves online. An extensive PR plan was executed across TV, radio and events to spread the campaign messages across Australia. Highlights include a campaign launch on Channel 9’s Today Show and national radio coverage.

Stay Smart Online Week 2018 was the campaign’s biggest year ever, with the social media reach surpassing 65m and media coverage reaching 15m.

The campaign included:

  • Communications and pr strategy

  • Social media strategy

  • Creative ideation

  • Campaign production

  • Content production

  • Influencer engagement

  • Media relations

  • Cald communications and pr

  • Reporting, monitoring and evaluation

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