Icon's Head of Media, Justin Armsden, shares why video is an important element in every marketing strategy, and his advice for creating amazing content. 

The figures surrounding the consumption of video online, in all forms, are simply staggering. YouTube, Netflix and other video streaming platforms generate hundreds of millions of views per day. As a result of this, news media giants are converting as many stories as possible into video. 

The bottom line is consumers just can't get enough of video, so if organisations, big or small, aren't investing in high quality video content they will most likely be losing eyeballs to their competitors. 

On the other hand, a lot of businesses go wrong when rushing to produce video content and end up publishing amateur material that simply won't engage an audience. Suddenly, the company is associated with poor quality, all because of one video.

Speaking from the experience of listening to commercial TV focus groups, a viewers' attention is a matter of seconds and if the video isn't a decent quality, they're gone in a heartbeat.

We are inundated with information and video in the digital space, so audiences don't need to put up with junk corporate video that feels like water torture. Great video is just a scroll away. 

So, without further ado, here are my four tips for making successful video content. 

Good video is affordable

There is a misconception that quality video comes with a huge budget. They don't, you just have to find the right team with the right experience. I do laugh at some of the costs a handful of production houses try and slug clients. I am sure they are paying people to stand around and eat cucumber sandwiches while shooting a small video.

A lot of my friends who I use for my productions have commercial TV experience shooting for the likes of 60 Minutes and network feature programs. They are the best shooters getting around, plus they don't charge a fortune. More importantly, their experience is priceless.

You can spend just a few thousand dollars, consider it part of the marketing budget, and end up with 90 seconds of slick video with a great storyline that puts your business on a pedestal; and the video will last for years as a promotional tool.

Make sure there is a good story to tell

Every organisation has a good story to tell and one that's not always corporate. In fact, some of the best stories come from employees. They bring a relatable human face to the story and can be the best voices to explain who you are as a company.  

Research the production team

It's vital to know the background of everyone involved. This will give you a much clearer insight on the creative nature of the entire team and the experience they bring. Less production people with more experience, means less overheads on costs.

Don't cut corners on quality

When you save money on getting the right production team involved, it frees up more money to spend on making sure you get the best quality. Spend a bit more on a drone, higher grade camera and equipment, graphics and the results will make viewers embrace your video rather than cringe.