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Creative ideation

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Creativity moves people. It inspires people. It changes people.

But, above all, it makes people notice. Because if people don’t stop and see it, none of those other things can happen.

‘Creative’ is not just the name of a department here. It underpins and informs everything we do across our whole, integrated agency.
We want to make a difference. And to do that, you need to be different.

Territory exploration and concept development

We find solutions for our clients and partners, whether it’s articulating a problem statement or redeveloping brand positioning and identity.

As an agency we embrace human-centred design, placing people at the centre of territory exploration and concept development.

It’s what gives us the confidence to take calculated risks and it ensures the end product will always connect with your target audience and organisational objectives.

Monitor your baby’s movements: Reduce the risk of stillbirth

“Red Nose and our partners have been working with Icon on a national campaign to raise awareness of stillbirth and create behavioural change. It’s a sensitive and emotional subject. Icon has shown great empathy and understanding for this important issue, producing a compelling creative solution. Their strength in PR has generated over 500 articles, allowing us to amplify our message to reach millions of Australians.”

Justin Mansfield
Campaign Manager, Stillbirth Consortium

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Brand strategy

Your brand should express the essence of your organisation.

Every element, from colours to font sizes, must stand out and be instantly recognisable, just as every piece of communication must leave people in no doubt to who it’s from and what it stands for.

We help organisations ideate sophisticated brand strategies that influence important stakeholders like investors, employees and customers.


Cross-media capabilities

We’ve worked on every type of campaign in every type of medium.

We are creators, makers, designers and technologists. Using the power of connected teamwork, we deliver responsive, agile and targeted creative services.

From billboards to web banners, we have the in-house capability to bring any concept to life.

Our cross-media capabilities include best in class:

  • Graphic design and production

  • Packaging and storyboarding

  • Photography

  • Film, TV and video

  • Animation and illustration

  • Content marketing

  • Creative social media

  • Infographics and icon design

  • Print

  • Direct mail

Iterative campaign design

For us, the creative process doesn’t end with client sign-off.

We monitor our work after go-live, analysing its efficacy and implementing further efficiencies along the way. Iterative campaign design is what helps us identify opportunities, adapt to an ever-changing world and produce work that is well ahead of the curve.

You haven't been drinking alone

Cross-platform creative design

Creativity shouldn’t be confined to a particular platform or medium.

Agile project methodology is part of our digital heritage and DNA, letting us develop cross-platform creative design, scale up projects and work in cross-functional teams that help us express our creative solutions in different ways.

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End-to-end integrated campaign development

Our large integrated team of 80+ staff is led by dedicated brand specialists, including our award-winning Creative Director and Creative Strategist.

Our digital, PR and reputation teams work in tandem to support creative.

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For people, with purpose.

At Icon, everything we do, every single day is about people.

Because in our agency, people will always come first, whether they are our own, or those we come into contact with.

And, with a focus on people, comes a passion for purpose and a promise to have a positive impact on those people’s lives, wherever they are on their journey, and minimise harm to the planet.

We solve complex communications problems, using technology and humanity in equal measure.

We are communicative and collaborative, as we produce integrated, end to end results that work.

For people, with purpose.

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Our latest creative work

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Here is some of our most recent creative work.